The success of pharmacy chains and networks, as well as independent pharmacies, does not depend only on local market visibility and the implementation of services. The maximization of ROI (Return on Investment) is key to sustainable and profitable growth. Product range, profit margin, and inventory turnover must be carefully managed.

It can be achieved in three steps:

  • set the best pricing level for all the SKUs in each point of sale;

  • order the right quantity of goods from the most cost-effective supply channels;

  • identify commercial opportunities and select the products that deserve customer attention and shop staff’s focus.

In Bim Cento we have developed our RoiStar-class services for this purpose. These services are supported by Machine Learning technologies from the Artificial Intelligence domain. We provide constant monitoring of the tens of thousands of SKUs (stock-keeping units) traded, enable faster decision-making, and offer evidence of critical areas.

Pricing, marketing focus, and inventory management actions are directly executed at the point of sale. The actions are ranked according to the increase in ROI they can bring along. Once highest-ranking actions have been put in place, we move on to the next. Such clarity in commercial objectives makes everything easier even at the point-of-sale level, be it customer management, shop-in-shop corners, or stock management.

We support the store manager, director, or owner in a flexible way because RoiStar services fit into your commercial policy. They can also be customized to optimize shop staff workload or enhance management control over the business.

The analysis performed by RoiStar is limited to quantitative business data of your company, although using intelligent and unique methodology. The information processed and the related outcomes belong exclusively to your company and only you can access them.

+ROI? RoiStar!